The nature of my artwork is the search for clarity. This endeavor is fraught with challenge and distraction, as I find it difficult to escape the haze, static, and digital noise of a typical 21st century life. As I sift through time, memory and place, I search not for stillness, but the presence of tranquility amidst the mess.


    Ben Pond is an artist and educator, based in Gypsum, Colorado. He currently serves as a faculty member at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.

    Pond has previously served as Lecturer & Gallery Director at the University of Toledo Department of Art, Associate Gallery Director at Indiana University, Bloomington, and Instructor of Art at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards, Colorado.

    Among numerous national and regional exhibitions, Pond has participated in exhibitions at Hyperlink Gallery in Chicago, RedLine Gallery in Denver, the Toledo Museum of Art, South Bend Museum of Art, University of North Carolina Asheville Tucker Cooke Gallery, Stewart Center Gallery of Purdue University, the Clara Hatton Gallery at Colorado State University, and Ohio State University Hopkins Hall Gallery.

    Pond's artwork has been published in drawing and poetry journals, including Ninth Letter, Manifest Creative Research Gallery & Drawing Center’s International Drawing Annual 7, and Poetry East.